• Life Coach

  • Mental Health Coach

  • Wellness Coach

  • Relationship Coach

  • Family and Parenting Advocate

Finding the right resources for the right people can be a never-ending task when you’re operating a business with a tight budget and lacking the necessary staffing needed for your project. Jarriel has made it his goal to get the right resources to the right people so that the right outcomes can become tangible. He is a community advocate working with police departments, physicians, therapists, churches and schools to connect them with the appropriate mental health services for the communities that they serve.
As a life coach, he has worked with individuals from students to professionals, helping them to become unstuck in the different areas of their life. Taking each person through a strategic eye opening process helps them to reach their potential by shining a light on their blind spots so that they can see the self-imposed obstacles they’ve learned to live with. He believes that everyone has the capability to be great – on their own level.

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